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Valentine’s Day Love Letter

Love Letter Chipmunk Squirrel

 Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday. I believe that we should celebrate love *every* day of the year, but I think having a special day that puts a spotlight on love and relationships is really important.

We always love, but sometimes we take it for granted. Valentine’s Day, for me, is not about the commercial trappings, (though they are nice), but the real thought, the inner reflection on the important relationships in my life and how much my ‘people’ mean to me…

I’m definitely a romantic and am in love with the concept of being ‘in love’ in the traditional sense. I love the soft-focus daydream of selfless adoration from another; the rescue from the castle by a knight in shining armor; the John Cusack “Say Anything” boom box declaration of absolute love.

I also love that Valentine’s Day can be more than just the fuzzy-butterflies-in-your-tummy Hallmark holiday.I am so in love with my daughter… we literally shared a heartbeat for months together. She is my soul mate; my Unthought Known; a tiny piece of my heart that fractured in a prism of pure innocence and light to become a beautiful soul that is her own. She is my love, in tangible form, and the beauty in that makes me cry.

Valentine’s Day reminds me that life IS romantic. Life is about hopes and dreams and placing our fragile hearts in the hands of others, giving them the power to cause either incredible joy or immeasurable pain.

Love should be celebrated and treasured because it’s so important to everyone, regardless of income, race, gender, political affiliation or religion. I equate love to blood. It is the essence that keeps us alive, thriving and growing.

Everyone loves and is loved by another. While there are times in our lives that we may not have a date/boyfriend/girlfriend, we still have the love of our family, the love of our friends, the unrequited love from others that we can’t fulfill, the secret love we may be completely unaware of and the faceless, anonymous blanket love from the people who protect us on a daily basis. No one is ever alone anymore; no one is ever without love. Those that think they are without love might just need to alter their perspective. (“It’s funny how things change so much, it’s all state of mind.”)

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday because I love love, loving and being loved. I actually just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, but love got the better of me and spilled out…

…so happy Valentine’s Day to my family, my friends, my soul mates, those I’m in love with and those that I’ve lost. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone I’ve met, and those of you I haven’t yet but hope to someday.

I hope you all can find a moment in your day to be filled with love and an appreciation of those that love you in turn. Like with life, love every day as if it were your last…

This is my kinda love…