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Support Hummingbirds – it’s Pollinator Week!

Support Hummingbird Garden HabitatsThree out of every four flowering plants rely on pollinators, such as the graceful hummingbird.

But sadly, pollinators are on the decline worldwide.

Since Pollinator Week is June 17-23, there’s no better time to reward these tiny, hard working friends for all they do than by turning your yard or garden into a welcoming haven.

Here are a few tips to attract these helpful feathered friends to your garden today from Natural Wildlife Federation Naturalist, Media Spokesperson and author David Mizejewski:

1. Keep your feeder fresh.
Offer sugar water in a hummingbird feeder by mixing one part sugar to four parts boiling water. Change the water frequently since the “nectar” can spoil quickly, sending a hummer away no matter how hungry it is. Replace the solution every five to seven days during the cooler months, and as often as every two days in the summer.

2. Make sure your flowers are a favorite.
Plant annuals and perennials with different blooming periods to have a steady supply of flowers from early spring until fall to attract hummingbirds and keep them there. Red and tubular flowers are a favorite, but also consider native honeysuckles, most varieties of sages or salvia, and many types of columbine.

3. Leaving some insects can be beneficial.
While many people think hummingbirds feed only on nectar, the birds feed their young a diet made up almost entirely of small insects. In addition, adult birds need regular doses of protein from mosquitoes, spiders, thrips, gnats and other arthropods.

4. Don’t forget water.
If you have a birdbath, place a couple of flat rocks in it to give the tiny birds a chance to bathe. Running water seems to be a magnet to hummers—they will even fly through the spray of a sprinkler.

Whether you have an apartment balcony or a 20-acre farm, you can create a garden that attracts beautiful wildlife and helps restore habitat in commercial and residential areas. By providing food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young you not only help wildlife, but you also qualify to become an official Certified Wildlife Habitat®.

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day April 22, 2013

Every year on April 22, more than one billion people take part in Earth Day. Across the globe, individuals, communities, organizations, and governments acknowledge the amazing planet we call home and take action to protect it.

At Enchanted Acorn, we strongly believe in our responsibility to our planet and each other. Our various gardens are designed to include native plants and prairie grasses; we use solar powered lighting and garden features every chance we get and we are installing even more rain barrels to do our part in helping the water conservation efforts.

By providing food, water, cover and places for wildlife to raise their young, our gardens are a certified wildlife habitat and included with more than 150,000 other Certified Wildlife Habitat™ sites across the country. In just a few easy steps, you too can turn your backyard, balcony or patch of grass into a habitat for wildlife.

Not only are we are heavily into recycling in our personal households, but a large portion of our business is built upon the idea of recycling the gifts that Mother Nature has left behind. The branches, moss, twigs, nuts, shells, hulls, flowers and other natural materials we utilize in our art are all collected after they’ve already fallen.

We’re also proud to upcycle and repurpose many man-made plastics in our products instead of seeing them sit in landfills.

One of our main motto’s is: “recycle, repurpose, reimagine”

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