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Adorable Miniature Easter Duck With Eggs

We are so in love with the designs of the Scottish artist Jacqueline Dunn. While her creations may be diminutive in size, they are colossal in detail. We tend to think she may have some fairies on her payroll because it’s hard to believe that a human hand could create such intricate flowers and woodland creatures.


J Dunn Miniatures

Easter Bunny & Baby Chick Rolls

We’re more the type to make mud pies rather than cherry pies, but this little bit of baked heaven is too sweet to not mention.

Easter Bunny Buns & Baby Chick Rolls

Images from Maman Blog

These are so adorable and they don’t look too hard to make – we may even try it out!

The bunnies could be hand formed or made using a custom flexible food mold. The cute little baby chick looks hand formed with two cloves for eyes and an almond beak. What do you think?

Fairy Garden Fire Pit

This is a fun one to create! On the verge of Spring, when the chill still lingers on the air, our Fairy Garden Fire Pit is great for your magical fairy garden dwellers to warm their hands and wings by.

Fairy Garden Fire Pit

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Hobbit, Gnome or Fairy Door

Here’s one of our miniature fairy doors, fit for a Hobbit, gnome or fairy in your fairy garden.

This cute fairy door was featured in one of our recent fairy gardening classes in Naperville, IL. And yes, sometimes the fairies’ doors open on the left!

Miniature Hobbit Gnome Fairy Door